Manfred Millicent is passionate for art-history. She is exploring ancient paths, mixing fibers, yarns, as an access to arrive at a unique contemporary result.
She doesn’t forget the total vision of the piece, worked like a painting. Her creations are knitted (with needles or crochet), but they can also be hand painted on silk, cotton, wool, angora, mohair.
Influenced by the beginning of the 20th century, more precisely the twenties, when creation was at its apogee.
For winter : smooth knitted – wears, wrapping shawls, foamed scarves, little tops, and  basic or decorative sweaters.
Children aren’t forgotten, men accessories rethought.
Every piece is special. Each collection is based on different concepts.
Each knitted-wear is an objet d’art  itself.
Her latest collection honors recycled fabrics.
You are invited to come in a new world, the world of Manfred Millicent.